The idea of starting up a restaurant together in Pärnu had existed for a long time. Everything became certain in February 2017, when a location in Pärnu turg was chosen. After that the 3 chefs put in countless hours of work and planning in order to make Hõbe Taldrik open for the public. Finally in May 2017, the restaurant was opened. Hõbe Taldrik now serves 3 cuisines: Chinese, Indian and Thai, offering excellent quality food for affordable prices.

Our Menu

Our restaurant's menu can be either downloaded as a PDF file or be viewed here on the website.



Email address: info@hobetaldrik.ee

Phone number: +372 4450505

Address: Suur-Sepa 18, Pärnu, Estonia

Open hours:
Mo–Th 11–21.30 and Fr–Su 11–22
24–25.12 and 1.01 CLOSED / 31.12 OPEN 11–17

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